The following is a series of ongoing letters to every person I have known and/or can remember. In each letter I list everything I can remember about the addressed person. I endeavor to leave nothing out. The memories strive to be as direct as possible, meaning I avoid hearsay and gossip. When hearsay and gossip inform or reinforce a memory, however, they may seep in. I will not use social media or Google to jog or influence memories – I will attempt to keep the pool un-muddied, as it were. Only persons whose first and surname I can remember and spell will be included. To avoid the hall-of-mirrors trap of transcribing life as it happens, people with whom I'm still active and involved, to whom I speak on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis will not be included. The aim is an inverted autobiography – a film negative.

Letter #1: Charles Woodgerd
Letter #2: Christina Zarndt
Letter #3: Phyllis Gilreath

Letter #4: Dan Carpenter
Letter #5: Billy Schmidt